2018 Italy 2

Sat, 6/23: 9am, we met with the staff of the Vatican Museum and Sistine chapel. 6 million people a year visit here. We came to arrange a tour for our group on Tuesday. Afterwards, I had another meeting. Walking through Rome on a warm summer day is a wonderful experience.
In the afternoon, our entire team of 27 people celebrated Mass in the chapel of St. Pius V. The chapel is 300 years old and seats about forty people. Msgr John Kennedy who is on the DCYIA Board celebrated the Mass. Fr. Shawn Carey, deaf priest from Boston , and I concelebrated along with Deacon Pat Graybill. The Mass was in ASL (American Sign Language), LSM (Mexican Sign Language), spoken English and Spanish.
Afterwards, we all went out to eat at Quattro Mori, a wonderful fish restaurant in Rome.