2018Italy 3

Sun,6/24: it was raining when I woke up at 6am. However, the sun appeared and it was warm again. Rome is a wonderful city. It is also very noisy and crowded.
There are 27 people on the DCYIA team, including 11 sign language interpreters: ASL, LSM, LSI(Italian Sign Language).
We all can t stay in the same place, so we are staying in four different apartments that we rented for our time here. The day by began with the Board of Directors (DCYIA) meeting from 10 till 12 30. At 1pm , we had our meeting for the entire staff. Because we are hearing and deaf, and from different countries, we had to figure out what languages we use to communicate.
All our meetings are done in spoken Spanish with interpretinging in ASL (AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE) and LSM ( MEXICAN SIGN LANGUAGE). We have four interpreters who can hear Spanish and sign ASL.
This is the only way we can guarantee effective communication
The staff meeting went from 1 till 4pm. 4 to 6pm, we put together all the registration materials for the Conference. 6 to 8pm was the meeting for the entire staff to figure out the scheduling of sign language jnterpreters for the entire week. This is difficult because we have to have English, Spanish , and Italian interpreters for all our Masses and meetings.
By the time we were done, we were all exhausted. I walked back to where I am staying,about a mile away. I was glad I could be outside. On the way home , I stopped to get a gelato, the amazing ice cream of Italy. What did I get???? Chocolate…if course!
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