2018Italy: Day 5, part 2.

I want to share with you some of what Archbishop Paul Gsllagher preached to us at the Mass on June 26.
Archbishop Paul Gallagher is a very experienced Papal diplomat. He admitted that in 41 years as a priest, he had never preached at a Mass with 4 sign language interpreters(English, Spanish, Italian, German). For the Gospel reading, he chose the reading from the Gospel of St. Mark when Jesus heals the deaf man. The Archbishop said that Jesus was a “sign” to the man of God love and concern for him. Deaf people and hearing people communicate through signs.
We ALL are to be a “sign” of God s love for one another. Whether we are deaf or hearing, our responsibility is the same. People should be able to look at our lives and see us as the “sign” of how much God loves them.
Our sharing in the “one bread” and the “one cup” is a “sign” to us of how we are United to the entire Catholic Church. Being at the Vatican and remembering that St. Peter is buried just below where we are celebrating the Mass, should remind us of how we share in the 2,000 year tradition of our Faith and the unity represented by Pope Francis.

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2018Italy: Day 5

Tuesday, 6/25. Including our team, there are 130 people in our group. At 8:30am, we told everyone to meet at the Vatican Museum.
Six million people visit the Museum every year. The line to get in was already a half mile long. Our group had special tickets, so we met at the entrance. We divided into 6 smaller groups. The two deaf groups had deaf guides who are certified as tour guides in Rome.
Everyone got to see the beautiful art of the Museum, and especially the amazing Sistine Chapel. When we all got out. it was about 11 30am. We grabbed a quick lunch. At 1pm, we were all standing in the line to get into St. Peter’s Basilica. It took one hour for us to get through security and into this magnificent church.
Many of us stopped to pray at the altar/ tomb of Saint John Paul II.
At 3:30pm, our group celebrated a Mass at the amazing chapel/altar of the Holy Spirit. Archbishop Paul Gallagher, the Assistant Secretary of State celebrated the Mass. BRIAN SWATEK from Chicago was one of our Readers. (I will share some thoughts with about the Mass later.) When the Mass was finished, many people stayed to walk around St. Peter’s just in awe of this incredible church.
7pm, we all gathered at the Quattro Mori (4 Seas) restaurant for an incredible and filling meal. This is one of the best fish restaurants in the world. Headed to bed to prepare for Wed.
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