2018Italy, Thursday 6/28.

The entire group went to the Coliseum in Rome. We had two excellent deaf guides for the deaf participants.
There is a wonderful organization in Rome that provides deaf guides who know ASL for deaf tourists and deaf groups.
Chelo and I left to make last minute arrangements for the evening meal.
At Noon, the DCYIA Board had a meeting. We discussed all that had happened in the week. We also talked about our work, whrre to go to continue our ministry with deaf young people in poor countries.
4pm, our last event. Everyone gathered for a last meal of four different kinds of pizza and salad overlooking Rome.
Eduardo Alvarez, a deaf young man from Panama, invited us to Panama January 2019 for world Catholic Youth Week.
7pm, our staff of 27 people gathered to evaluate the events of the week. Most of the staff were young people, hearing and deaf, who had worked extremely hard preparing for this week and gave of themselves totally to this effort. Many of them had never been outside of Mexico or Guatemala. Our interpreters had done amazing work considering all the languages, spoken and signed, that we had used.
Suddenly, it was time to say goodbye. Tears, hugs, last photos. This was an incredible team. I was proud to be a part of it.

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