Why are 7,000 Hondurans Marching to the US?

If you look on the news, you see headlines, “7,000 Hondurans Marching through Mexico”. “President says this is a ‘National Emergency.'” What is going on?
The people fleeing Honduras are trying to escape the awful things happening in their country. Honduras has the highest murder rate IN THE WORLD! The rate of rapes, assaults, murders in Honduras is worse than in Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan. Why? WHY? Because so many people in the UNITED STATES continue to use illegal drugs! Most of the illegal drugs come from Columbia and Bolivia in South America. However, these drugs pass through countries like Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala. The gangs in these countries control the flow of the drugs. So, in Honduras, the gangs are always fighting. They shoot people to make them afraid of the gangs and their power. The government and police departments there to nothing to protect families. Why? Because the gangs pay off the politicians and police. Ordinary, good people have NO protection. So, they want to go to a country which is safe,the United States.
The United States government says it wants to stop all these people coming here. If that is true, then stop people in the United States from using illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin. How? Get people who are addicted help they need. Many of these people want to stop, but there are not enough drug-treatment programs to help them. We pay all this money to build “a wall” to keep people out. These are innocent people from Honduras, victims of terror, rape, murder, and poverty. Get help for people who are buying these illegal drugs; stop the people making huge profits from selling drugs. Then, the horrible things happening in Honduras and Guatemala and Nicaragua and El Salvador will end.